Recap: Bumbling Colts Fall to Ailing Chiefs 30-14 / by Jerald Pierce

According to Kevin Bowen on twitter, today was only the second game in the 16 that Chudzinski has worked as OC that TY Hilton, Donte Moncrief, and Phillip Dorsett have all been available. It should have been a good thing with them going against the defense that leads the league in interceptions, but only had eight sacks on the season. If the season so far had shown anything, it’s that Luck with time in the pocket is a dominant force. With his top three wideouts back, Luck should have been able to find some success. If only his OLine could give him the time.

The other side of the ball…well, the hope was that Spencer Ware wouldn’t hurt them too much (arguably, he didn’t). Alex Smith is a dink and dunker and running backs out of the backfield and other short catch and runs haven’t exactly been the Colts’ strength on defense. It was a case of strength on weakness when the Chiefs O took the field against the Colts D.

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