Recap: Steelers Coast Against Unlucky Colts 28-7 / by Jerald Pierce

We’ll keep this brief since I know everyone is still comatose after their Thanksgiving feast (which I hope was wonderful for you all). Scott Tolzien made his first start since the dawn of time and broke his tie with Pat McAfee and no longer has only one regular season pass over the last two years.

The questions going into the game:

-What’s the game plan going to look like for Tolzien? Still aggressive and looking downfield? Or trying to get the ball out of his hands fast and relying on the Yards After Catch speed of the WRs?

-Can the defense hold the Steelers to less than 50?

The game turned out to be a game of what could have been. Not only about what could have been had Andrew Luck and Clayton Geathers played, but simply what could have been had the Colts not beaten themselves.

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