Why Put These 2 Plays Together? Sound Reasons / by Jerald Pierce

When a company selects plays to run in repertory, it’s not uncommon to choose them based on a shared playwright or similar theme, or even the available company of actors. It is a bit unusual, however, for sound to be the common denominator. In a clever combination of immersive auditory experiences, two world premiere plays that put a central focus on their sound designs will run in rep at New Georges in New York City between Feb. 14 and March 4.

Sound House, written by Stephanie Fleischmann, uses the basis of the electronic sounds of Daphne Oram and her Oramics machine to surround the audience with what the press materials described as a “multidimensional object” that is “precisely constructed yet constantly shifting.” Its counterpart, This Is the Color Described by the Time, conceived by Lily Whitsitt and created by Door 10, ventures to do something just as adventurous: put its audience inside of the great mind of Gertrude Stein.

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