Panel Discussion: Race and Culture in Contemporary Casting, Blood Knot and Beyond / by Jerald Pierce

On Aug. 12, I had the honor of moderating a panel discussion at American Players Theatre. Their production (and the subsequent review of it from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and petition made mentioning it) sparked a national conversation. It also led to me writing my article "A Casting Controversy Tangled Up in ‘Blood Knot’" for American Theatre magazine.

As a result of the clear desire from the public to talk about the concerns surrounding the casting of "Blood Knot," APT organized a talkback panel following one of their performances. I was brought in as the moderator. Panelists included journalist and critic Kelundra Smith, scholar Khalid Yaya Long, and award-winning actor Stephen McKinley Henderson.

The full panel discussion was recorded by APT and can be viewed on Youtube.